Dry Cleaning

We are a full service Dry Cleaner with experience in the cleaning of all delicate garments such as silk, satin, cashmere, rayon. We are not only cleaning to remove stains etc. but to preserve the garment for its full life or more. Moore’s Quality Cleaners cleans thousand of delicate, formal garments each year.

Our Shirt Process
We use only the best detergents at Moore’s Quality Cleaners. We do not use bleach on white shirts, which wears them out. We offer our customers five options for their shirts:

  1. No starch
  2. Light starch
  3. Medium starch
  4. Heavy starch
  5. On hanger or folded and boxed

Our professional grade detergents have parabolic enzymes that take out many of the odors that might be missed in a hot water or bleach cleaning.

We start pressing the shirts while they are still damp from the spin cycle to give your shirt body.
All shirts are run through quality control separate from check in and invoicing. Only after a final check for any missing buttons and overall quality are your shirts bagged and made ready for you.

We check the shirt after in leaves the pressing machine. Any shirt that does not pass Moore’s Quality Control is turned back and finished by hand. We want to give you a perfect shirt!